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Book Arts Workshops

The Painted Book

This workshop will introduce the participants to a unique process of creating a hardbound book in which the painted interior text sheets and the cover are created simultaneously.  Initial papers and fabric cover are created using traditional wheat paste techniques in contemporary ways in combination with a variety of multi-media techniques.  The focus will be on combining text and imagery using stitching/collage/multi-media to create and sustain a concept through the length of a book.   All the essential bookbinding skills are taught in the workshop and no special calligraphic skills are needed. A sense of exploration and adventure and a willingness to try something new are definite assets.

This workshop is appropriate to bookbinders, quilters and artists alike – each group has a somewhat different focus. Refer to the appropriate Supply List below.

Level: Beginner to Advanced
Length: 3-5 days
Materials Fee: $15-20.00 per participant

Click here for Supply Lists/Classroom Requirements-The Painted Book for Artists
Click here for Supply Lists/Classroom Requirements-The Painted Book for Fabric Artists
Click here for Supply Lists/Classroom Requirements-The Painted Book for Book Artists

Contemporary Wheat Paste Applications For Book Artists

Wheat Paste is an incredibly expressive medium which allows you to embed "your mark" directly on paper or cloth as well as being inexpensive and versatile. It has an inherent sense of depth and can be used on a wide range papers and fabrics. Oil and chalk pastels, colored pencils, paints, inks and the whole range of acrylic mediums can all be incorporated into these papers both at the initial stages and in subsequent layers. They can stand as unique paperworks or used along with more traditional papers in collage or standard book structures. All of these approaches can also be applied to a wide range of fabrics with differing effects and have a tremendous potential for contemporary book covers – either hard or soft. We will work primarily on paper but some time will be spent working on fabric. A number of papers and book cloths will be available for study and inspiration during the workshop.

Length: 3-5 days
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Materials Fee: $ 50.00 per participant

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