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Fast tracking yourself to new ideas

This workshop is a fabric-based version of a creativity exercise in which you work quickly and in a series, each piece responding to the one immediately before it. The focus is on each of us being able to define what aspects of quilting/stitching we are most drawn to and how we can augment that to make distinctive pieces. We will work with just our scraps, assembling and re-assembling using a small postcard format. We will create several postcards – each building on the one before it. In this way, we can fast track ourselves into new ways of working. The longer the workshop, the further along the road you’ll be to creating works that are uniquely yours!

Level: Beginner to Advanced. Some experience with doing original fabric work.
Length: 3-5 days

Supply List:

Sewing Machine: Oiled and cleaned plus all attachments & your instruction booklet and an extension cord.


Basic Sewing Kit: It should include extra needles (size 11, denim and/or topstitch), extra bobbins, container of sewing machine oil and brush, scissors (large and small), seam ripper, straight pins, tweezers.

Fabric Supplies: Bring a bag of scraps (any fabric, any size and any shape). We’ll be working approx. 5” x 7”, so no larger pieces are required - only scraps, really!!! Bring lots of your favourite colors, some metallics, some shiny, some with textures (i.e. velvets, velours). They can be printed, mottled, solid, upholstery weight, etc, etc, etc. Try for a range of colors and intensities.

Only bring fabrics you like…. you’ll be working with them to develop and create works that are distinctly you!!!

If you are primarily a “piecer”, bring any completed quilt blocks you may have as a starting point. (And any accompanying templates, etc.)

• 1-2 m. solid colored cotton for backings
• 1-2 m. paper backed adhesive (Heat’n’Bond Lite, etc.)
• 1-2 m. quilt batting (needlepunch polyester preferred)

Threads: Assorted sewing machine threads (lots!!!) including invisible, rayons/machine embroidery, metallics.
• Beads and sequins and designer yarns (if you’re a bead and sequins and yarn kind of person!!!).

• Olfa cutting board, ruler and cutter
• Pen/notebook/sketchbook
• Set of colored pencils (optional)
• Any photos/images that you are particularly inspired by
• Masking tape
• OUTRAGEOUS STUFF!!! This could include stamps, stencils, fabric paints, markers, glitz, glitter, feather boas and anything else that tickles your fancy (all optional, of course!)
• Chocolate and/or jelly beans (also optional)

Classroom Requirements:

• Ample workspace for each participant (2/table)
• Enough wall space for each participant to view all their work vertically
• 2-3 irons and ironing boards
• Communal cutting board, ruler and rotary cutter
• 2-3 extra tables for supplies and samplers
• A “teaching space” comprised of a table and demo space for me with an extra set of chairs around it for participants.
• An easel with a pad of paper and/or a chalk board for demonstrations
• A can of 505 Spray Adhesive and paper to protect the table surface

Instructor Will Provide:

• Assorted support materials – Heat’n’Bond Lite, Tear Away, unbleached cotton, etc.
• Pins/tacks/sticky tape to attach items to walls
• Handouts
• A number of examples to demonstrate the process

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