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This workshop is aimed at people with a commitment and/or desire to make original art pieces in any medium – be it any of the traditional art media as well as photography, book making, or any of the textile media.

As an artist, once you are beyond basic skill building, it is necessary to become self-directed and to know how to evaluate your work.  Each participant will bring 5 completed pieces of work (preferably on a related theme) and have given some thought to what you like about them and why. 

Participants will be guided through an honest, rigorous, yet self-affirming process to determine strengths, needs, goals and methods to develop a successful creative practice.  This workshop will appeal to emerging artists, as well as seasoned artists who wish to enhance their current practice or change direction.

The workshop is divided into 3 basic sections:

  • “Your Creative DNA” in which you will begin to determine your personal preferences, your strengths, and help you define the techniques and/or subjects that most excite you.
  • “YOU and your Work”  will help you determine your personal criteria and the direction in which you want your work to move.  Other possibilities for discussion here are - How do I get more time in my studio?  How can I control my “Inner Perfectionist”? and other time/management problems that often hinder artists.
  •  “YOU and your Audience” will provide an opportunity for you to begin to see your work with an eye to “moving it out into the world.”   Who am I making my work for?  What do I compare my work to?  How do I determine its worth?  How and where can I exhibit or sell my work?  Do I want feedback or not?  If so, what kind of feedback? 

Over the course of the workshop, you will spend self-reflective time looking at your own work while answering a series of short questionnaires that I have prepared to help quide you to your own personal answers to some of these questions.  Time will also be spent in a relaxed, comfortable circle with the other participants as we discuss issues common to all of us.  By sharing and talking with others who have the same issues, you may find that someone else’s solution will work for you!   

Depending on the length of the workshop and the wishes of the participants, a number of other aspects of the creative process can be explored along with some of the “nuts and bolts” of being a professional artist, such as the preparation of Artist’s Statements, Exhibition Proposals, public presentations of your work, etc.   

Level: Persons with a commitment and/or desire to make Art.
Length: 2 – 5 days

Supply List:

Minimum of 5 Completed fabric works, preferably on a related theme.

A pen, notebook, and writing board/clip chart, etc. (Something you can use to be able to write while sitting in a chair in front of your work!!!)

A willingness to share and any questions or worries you have about sending your work out into the world!

Wear comfortable clothes!!!

Classroom Requirements:

• A clean well-lit space in which the participants can hang their works for viewing with an individual chair in front of each set of art works. Some may need a table for 3-D works.
• A “meeting space” with a set of chairs for participants arranged in a circle, preferably in same area as the artworks.
• An easel with a pad of paper and/or a chalk board for demonstrations
• Extra table for supplies and handouts

Instructor Will Provide:

• Several sets of handouts and questionnaires for student use
• If space and/or luggage allows, selected recommended books

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